Men in focus

Great men,I mean real men works for the developments,growths and economic stabilities of their great nation . They take care of the insecurities that threatens and slaps their Nation at the face.Real men don’t sleep at night.They work in turns to safe guide their communities. I salute the vigilante groups. Please don’t hesitate to add … More

How to cope with a snoring partner

This is a personal experience.Very funny but sure has some vital lessons,you may as well learn from to cope with snoring partners or any members of your family. I was much younger,when my grandmother came visiting all the way from our village.All set and done.Time to sleep at night .My mother in her bids to … More

Tales bearers

Rumour’s are “common talk probably false tales.,that sinks deep into one’s heart.A simple confirmation might just save your head from the wrath and downfalls that will soon befall the Rumour morgers. Who are Rumour morgers? They are gossips who go about looking for whose latest tales to gist to others. Most often than not ,they … More

Block and unfollow bottons

Onpointby2 ,said No to Block and unfollow any individuals with Negative thoughts (comments), because I derives my inspirations from such and more so they are my hard earned followers/friend. . Especially on this platform and all social networks.I valued my followers. I shall keep them firmed. Follow me down to get more value of this … More

Save my future

Why are some parents and private schools owners collaborating to bring down our educational system. All in the name of money.They co join hands to bring out low brains from the universities. All these started from the scratch. Follow me down to see what I mean. Have you ever came across a university graduate that … More

Nigerians and Anger

Our hero’s past and struggles shall never end up in vain.When you look around you and realizes the sad terrible happenings unfolds. You can’t but concludes There struggles are almost in vain. Let me build some hope and hang on to “Almost in vain’,where all hopes still lies that all would be well one day. … More

A short story about my love

One night, as i lay in bed. I yearned for him,but he didn’t come. So,I sald to myself, get up and roam the city to look for him. I searched all the street’s corners and crannies, but didn’t find my love. During my search,I met with the watchmen that stopped me to asked whom I … More

What will I do with pride?

(I’m not a saint, perhaps using this post to correct my ills also), What will I do with pride ? Absolutely i got nothing to do with you *Pride”.Because with pride you become a proud person that ends disgracefully. A proud person is a mocker and haughty,who doesn’t see anyyhing good in others.They are boastful, … More


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